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uMotio: 3D Gesture Controller – Support our Indiegogo campaign!

Posted by Ignatius Havemann on April 11, 2014  /   Posted in Blog

11 April 2014 – Hi everybody! Black Box Industries and ProtoFactory has been very busy the last few months testing and finalizing an Arduino™ compatible 3D Tracking and Gesture controller. This device allows you to interact with the world around you using hand and finger position tracking and free-space gestures.

We are launching an Indiegogo campaign on 14 April 2014. Please share the link and go and support it!




The uMotio is an open and easy to use 3D tracking and gesture controller. Plug it into your computer for a new human interface experience. Use the uMotio to control your media, your games or embed it into your latest diy project. Not only can the uMotio sense the position of your hand (x,y and z) but it also has built in gestures. The uMotio brings a new experience to both the regular users, gamers and hackers. Interact and control the world around you! Whether it be a computer, appliances, lighting or your own projects. Using hand and finger tracking you control your world!

The uMotio works straight out of the box, no technical experience required. Have the technical experience? Don’t worry, we have you covered. The uMotio is fully Arduino™ compatible and with our gesture library you will be integrating motion and gesture control into all your projects without any difficulty.


You can read more about it here:





Robot Gripper

I made a quick robot gripper to use as a demo when we showcased the uMotio at House 4 Hack on Tuesday. I picked up a gripper and servo from a local robotics shop, laser cut a perspex frame and bolted everything together. I then wired the on board RGB LED PWM pins to the 3 servos and a few minutes later using a basic Arduino™ sketch I had this puppy wowing the crowd!



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