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Rib Lamps

Posted by Ignatius Havemann on April 07, 2014  /   no comment
Round 420mm x 270mm - Side view

7 April 2014 – We have started with a range of lamps shades we are cutting on the CNC.┬áThese can be purchased pre- assembled or as a flat-pack kit. No glue required – although you could add a drop of glue inside each rib to ensure everything stays where it should We offer these either […]

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CNC First cut

Posted by Ignatius Havemann on November 06, 2013  /   2 comments

6 November 2013 – pent nearly a full day to service our CNC from back to front. It has an oil container and pump with pipes leading to all the linear rails making oiling them a breeze. We removed all the covers to grease the rack and pinions, fastened and calibrated the inductive limit switches. […]

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Finally our CNC arrived!

Posted by Ignatius Havemann on November 01, 2013  /   no comment

1 November 2013 – After a lot of research and budgeting between building or buying a CNC we ended up ordering a CNC mill from China early August. Mainly for cutting wood and plastics. It has a 1. 3m x 2.5m x 200mm bed with a 3kW water cooled spindle. We also ordered a dust […]

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