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CNC First cut

Posted by Ignatius Havemann on November 06, 2013  /   Posted in Blog

6 November 2013 – pent nearly a full day to service our CNC from back to front. It has an oil container and pump with pipes leading to all the linear rails making oiling them a breeze. We removed all the covers to grease the rack and pinions, fastened and calibrated the inductive limit switches. Converted the electronics from a NC-Studio PCI card┬áto Mach3 and finally tuned the stepper drivers and soft limits. I still need to connect the dust collector and configure the tool height sensor – thinking of using Gerry’s Mach3 2010 Screenset┬áproviding a cleaner interface for Mach3 and adding a couple of very cool features, including auto tool zero for multiple tools – but more on that later.

First we needed to cut something and quickly!

For a test cut we wanted to do the customary Mach3 roadrunner but working in mm, the tap file being in inches and time running out, I just skipped it and went for a very cool design a buddy referred us to – Space Frame Stool. In anyways the roadrunner to me is boring and pretty useless.

We started with a 0.5mm cut as a quick test and then continued, pushing the machine faster and faster. We cut 6.5mm deep at 8000mm/min. Pushing it faster while doing climb cutting proved too much for the cheap Chinese 6mm end mill we received, breaking it clean off. The end result is a awesome little stool perfect for any workshop!

SpaceFrame_Web_006 SpaceFrame_Web_010 SpaceFrame_Web_013 SpaceFrame_Web_017 SpaceFrame_Web_021


  1. Nico January 10, 2014 11:45 am / Reply

    looks pretty cool Iggy pop would like to do some bussiness

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